Scratch Removal

Scratches are More than Just an Appearance Issue

Scratches are unsightly, but they also devalue your car, and worse of all they could cause rusting.

No Matter How Big or Small the Scratch Is, We Will Fix It

Small scratches such as the clear coat scratch only dig into the top paint layer. We can easily fix these using non-intensive methods.

Deeper scratches on the other hand, cut deep into the paint layers and may even expose the metal surface. This leads to oxidizing of the metal and with the moisture in the environment, rusting becomes quite obvious. For these scratches, extensive repair that involves reapplying of the paint is conducted. In case the damage also caused denting, we at Legacy will see to it that it is also fixed.

On top of that, we provide a huge range of tones, paint colors and finishes to be used on your car. Before everything else we determine your car’s factory paint code to match the overall outcome. There is nothing as satisfying as getting your car back, looking like it was straight from the dealer. Contact us today for our outstanding dent scratch repair.

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