Bumper &
Fender Repair

Fender Bender? We Can Help.

Unfortunately, even the smallest accident can leave the front of your car in rough shape, but the good news is that a lot of bumper and fender damage can be repaired without being replaced. This is where we come in.

So let’s say you got into a fender bender and you want your old car back as soon as possible. All you have to do is to schedule an appointment with us for a fender or bumper repair and we can get you back on your wheels as soon as possible!

Bumper Repair & Replacement

To complete a cracked bumper repair, we have nitrogen plastic welders that work very similarly to metal welders. These machines emit hot nitrogen gas to restructure broken plastic components; the nitrogen ensures that the heat doesn’t damage the bumper cover. Even tears, cracks, small holes, large dents or impressions can be fixed instead of replaced in many instances. When fixed properly, these welds will not fail and are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Like metal welding, plastic welds are as strong or stronger than the original product.

Occasionally, a bumper is beyond repairable so we will have to order you a rear or front bumper replacement. The price of a replacement piece ultimately depends on the make, model, and year of your car, but since we only use quality parts and OEM procedures, you know that it will last. Front or rear bumper replacement can be a bit trickier on newer cars than older cars, because of sensors that may be integrated into the piece.

Fender Repair & Replacement

Bent panels and fenders are often repairable, and we won’t consider replacing them unless we think they’re a lost cause. These metal components can be returned to their original form using special hammers and bending equipment. For example, all it takes to do a bumper dent repair is a couple of hours of reshaping the steel using specialized tools. In some instances, we may need to remove a section of a metal panel, in which case we will use our OEM-approved welding equipment.

How Do We Decide Whether to Repair or Replace?

Replacing a part is always a last resort for us. Conserving resources is important, so whenever possible, we will repair whatever components we can. Besides, obtaining replacement parts can be an expensive and tricky situation depending on the year, make, and model of your car. In order to guarantee the life of something like a car bumper repair, here at Legacy, we follow OEM guidelines and repair recommendations when available. All replacement parts and procedures are intended to restore your vehicle to pre-loss condition.

Got Questions?

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